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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  September 22, 2012 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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world war ii. only six from iraq. 1600 from the vietnam war. we think about them. and we pray for the families. that's it for us on "the five." have a great welcome to "red eye." i'm greg gutfeld. i told uh million times, dirk, i only hear safe words. let's go to andy levy for a pre game president are. andy, what is coming up on tonight's show? >> our top story, president obama learned you can't change washington from the inside. maybe that explains why he is always golfing. iam i right? and a government-sponsored day of love for mohamed in pakistan doesn't turn violent and results in no death. i'm totally kidding. people died. and what sent bill schulz to a
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peta protest? hopefully they turn turned him into a toll. >> i never said i was nice. >> you didn't. >> this banter is lighting up the world. go away. let's welcome our guests. please don't do that. she is so hot that flame throwers list her as a job reference. it is anna coyman, nice waive. and he is smarter than socrates. it is kurt loder. "reason magazine" contributor. his book is "the good, the bad and the god awful." and my said kick, bill schulz. and sitting next to me, the comedian tom shlou. >> a, block, the lede, that's the first story. >> so is hope and change
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outside his range? on thursday, an actual day of the week, in an interview with spanish language channel uni vision president obama said washington is immune to even his pow -- powers of change-swation. here he is responding to a question about his greatest failure. i bet he learned some lessons over the last four years. >> i think that i have learned some lessons over the last four years. the most important lesson i have learned is you can't change washington from the inside. you n cay only change it -- you can only change it from the outside. that's how i got elected, and that's how the big accomplishments like health care got done. >> that's why i don't run for president. so change is an outy and not an inny. mitt romney pounced. >> the president today threw in the white flag of surrender again. he said he can't change washington from the inside. he can only change it from outside. well, we will give him that chance in november. he is going outside.
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>> i don't follow that. you are going outside what? i don't get it. in other news, some lefty blogs accused romney of darkening his skin for his uni vision appearance on wednesday saying it was an attempt to appeal to latino voters. but univision said there is no evidence of that. for more we go live to our senior political correspondent, trampoline carl. we love him. that was actually billy barty in a dog costumes. didn't he admit his persona was a sham? he was a sheep in wolf's clothing. i might have that backwards. he was the hope and change in a nonhope and change clothing. >> i think so. he was a master of the straight line.
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i don't think anybody wants to see the tone of washington change. do we want everybody to agree with one another? we want hatred. >> i think that's the only way to keep democracy alive is if we hate each other. that prevents government from growing. the only way to keep government down is by never agreeing to anything. tom, when he talks about change isn't he talking about revolution? about community organizing? about destroying the fabric of our country and perhaps replacing it with socialism? >> just a yes or no. >> i never thought of that. you know what, i am sick of presidents talking about how they learned. he keeps saying, i'll tell you something i learned. you know what, it is not reading rainbow. i don't care what you learned. that's what the first 55 years is about, learning. >> but he was 45. >> okay let's say that.
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that's what the first 45 years are for. you learn things. and then you spend four years applying. >> but you know what, tom, maybe -- because i consider myself a child at heart. i am always learning. in fact, i didn't learn anything until the last couple years. maybe he is just a child at heart. >> yes, well i'm sick of that too. i'm sick of people learning their whole life. it is like learn up to a point and then deliver. like my dad. no holds bared. this is the way it is, boom. >> your dad is something else. >> and then he beats the crap out of you with a broken bed post. not that i minded. anna, isn't it adorable, kind of, that he admits he failed. he is just like us. >> look at the book. it is reading rainbow, right? i wonder if this is as big of a gaff or could it be them saying, you didn't build that. >> i didn't build it. >> reporter: small business own d.a. -- >> small business owners are
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saying, yes, i did build that. people say we did put you in office to change washington, and you said you were going to, and now you are saying you can't. so you can see where mitt romney automatically pounced on that and said it should be an outy rather than an inny. >> and pounce he did, bill. i want to ask you about this make up controversy. the make up artist says romney's tan was real. as someone who often looks extremely leathery like a wallet made in tandy what say you? do you have tandy out here? >> i don't know what that is. >> it is where you can go buy leather goods and make wallets. never mind. we willed dit all of that out. we will edit that out. bill, answer it, leather face. >> it was intentional and mine is more natural. i would also like to add that lavar burton hosted reading rainbow.
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>> i think it is lamar. >> lavar. >> oh, lamar sounds blacker, unbelievable. take a look at that. >> i have to say, don'ts you find this -- don't you find this a little ironic that they are going after mitt's skin color which is what the left would accuse the right of doing about barack obama? they were saying, oh you only care if he is black. now they say they don't like mitt because he is beautifully tan. >> they are racist. >> there are millions of suspiciously tan people out there. >> there really are. >> i am sitting right here. >> romney has released his tax return. his 2011 tax return. and it showed that he did 4 million in charity, but only claimed #*z 2.25 million in charity which means he is a filthy, but extremely generous liar. >> i always thought he is
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going to finally released these, and we will see just how -- do you remember when sara -- sarah palin they shacked into her e-mail and she said, golly gee and there is nothing continue controversial. rich guys don't fool around. >> and he did a 20-year assessment. there was an average of whatever. i didn't really read it. obviously he paid his taxes. bill, he donated 30% of his income to charity. but that has to be immoral. >> well, was it charity or the mormon religion? i find go straight to the charity, people. the church is not getting any bigger. >> you have to understand. that's not fair. most private charities are organized by churches. the mormons send people out to do good work. you can talk to anybody who has dealt with mormons. that money goes places whereas if you give it to the government it goes to a corrupt leader, a bureaucrat, but it never gets to the
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people who need it. when the mormons get their money, they go places and they use it. >> it is equal parts charity and pr. maybe it is giving them some food as well. i will say it is ieresting of the timing. 47% did not go over well. taxes, here are my taxes. take a look. >> genius, he had the media chasing him forever, and he waited until he needed it. i agree with you. >> from no change to an odd exchanging. you can see she is not cherokee. at least according to the massachusetts senator scott brown, my favorite massachusetts senator who opened thursday night's debate with his democratic challenger by going after her claims of native american heritage. warren was the subject of mockery for not being able to show proof that she has cherokee ancestry even though she listed her as native american. watch and ab orb, watch and -- watch and absorb, watch and absorbers. >> she claimed she is a native
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american, a person of color. and as you can see she is not. that being said, she checked the box, and she had an opportunity actually to make a decision throughout her career when she applied to penn and harvard. she checked the box claiming she is a native american. clearly she is not. >> clearly. >> because she has blonde hair? >> how dowry spawned to that, ms -- how do you respond that, ms. warren and don't blame it on stories growing up or blame it on your family saying you never used it to get ahead. >> you know, when i was growing up, these are the stories i knew about my heritage. i believed my mother and my father and my aunts and my uncles. but i never used it. never used it for getting into college, never used it for getting into law school. and the people who hired me for my jobs have made clear they didn't know about it until long after i was hired. >> you are a liar. >> you are killing me. for more on the debate let's go to dog amazed by shampoo.
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>> i am telling you, if i had that dog i would never stop shampooing it. that is like crack cocaine of adorableness. i would just sit there and look at it and go -- i would have that around with me in a bucket wherever i went. it would be like a giant wallet filled with water. look at him. >> that kind of crack cocaine would replace my actual crack cocaine! >> -- cocaine. >> i don't think it will go that far. >> i wish i could be that excited about anything. look at him. oh, wow. >> tom, what do you make of brown saying she is not
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cherokee. that was serious cajones. >> first of all, how can he be losing? he has an awesome boston accents. she has no boston. i am from massachusetts. >> he is the real ben afflec. >> he is the real -- she checked the box. she checked the box again. she checked the box. great. >> anna, was her answer good or -- her parents told her, so it had to be true. >> she will believe anything. >> that's true, or she is just trying to blame her parents. >> or maybe she is, maybe she isn't. one thing i notice is that he talked about this for an awful longtime. leave it up to the voters. plant the seed and let them decide what they think about her character. nobody likes a bully. sometimes men can't get away with things that women can get away with. think about the vice presidential debate from 2008. joe biden and sarah palin, and remember when she said, can i call you, joe? and she kept winking at the camera? imagine if he did that. that wouldn't have gone over
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okay. >> whattal turn high universe where this woman claims to be native american. what if she claimed to be from mars? >> i would vote for her. i don't see that as bullying. you raised your hand in rage. >> she said who likes a bully? i would say all four of the men on this panel appreciate bullies. would any of us have aspired to a career in television if we were not bullied? >> that was not the point i wanted you to make. i wanted you to talk about the legitimate point that she lied. she stole jobs from people by pretending to be something she is not. an organization and boards she belonged to used her in this manner. she gamed the system, and i don't think that is right. bill, let's get to the important part. is it me or does scott brown get more and more handsome every day? >> more and more handsome and more and more disgusting. how dare he accuse ward of this when since this guy was born he has been writing on
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applications , scott brown. as you can clearly see he is lily white. >> good point. >> somehow i respond to that. he is brown over the summer. >> he never checked the box. >> how dare he. >> could this end her career in politics? >> i hope so. what else are we waiting for? >> we hate politicians who lie. she lied and how can you defend it? i want to go to this story. from debate to hate. will they ever tire of setting our flag on fire? it was described as a day of love in pakistan. a holiday declared by the government to rally against the anti-islam film, and 10,000 people had to ruin it. large crowds clashed with police and hurled rocks rocks and burned buildings and flags. 19 were reportedly dead and close to 200 injured. the violence came despite pakistan's prime minister
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earlier calling for peace and restraint telling religious leaders, quote, an attack upon the holy prophet is an attack on the 1.5 million muslims. therefore this is something unacceptable. surprised that didn't work. meanwhile, kfc is piecing out. anti-american sentiment is so strong that they are closing 20 locations as a precautionary measure. tom, 19 protesters, i presume pakistan yen -- is that how you say it pakistani. where did that come from? 19 protesters were killed in pakistan, so they must have showed america by killing their own people. >> that's what they do all the time, right? my gosh, why could you -- how are we surprised that a weekend of love was going to turn on anything? do these people celebrate anytime without at least shooting bullets into the sky? that's on the best day. >> they also do that when the oak left-hand raiders win. oakland raiders win.
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somebody always croaks after a raiders game. bill, this was supposed to be about love which you know nothing about. but what happened to the love? >> well, what a lot of people don't understand is that in arabic, the word love means murdering your own kind. they sort of promoted this correctly. i would also add that the only similarity between raider fans and pakistani is they don't understand that bullets have to come back. they land often times in people's heads. >> anna, what is the solution here? we see quite clearly we can't win their hearts and minds. should we just give them the finger and leave? >> or kill colonel sanders? >> not sure if i love him. opening for chick-fil-a. >> they do have good milk shakes. >> more thoughts on gay marriage. >> and a wonder what fallout we will be seeing too. this is my story for the weekend, or one of them, is there are new ads going up in about a dozen different subway
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stations in the city of new york, and opponents are saying they are claiming that all muslims are savages. talking to the people who are actually putting these ads together they say that's not what we are saying at all. we say islamic supremacy needs to get out of this nation completely. we are saying that we are against jihad and not against muslims. >> i don't think it matters what we are against. nothing ever changes. by the way, we had commercials in pakistan apologizing for the film which clearly didn't cause in -- cause this balogna and millar key. >> we need to ignore these people and work hard on getting out of the middle east, out. >> we have to get out. by the way, no demonstrations, no riots in america. muslims here are going about their business. so what is -- wouldn't it theoretically happen here? >> jews and muslims live in harmony. >> i have four muslims living with me. >> not by their choice.
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>> that is true, that is true. >> i think we need to rethink the word savage. follow me on this, project runway, what do they say all the time? fierce. replace fierce with savage. look at her! she is savage. it is a positive thing. >> two things i want to say before we leave, a, we should drop fliers while they are riding from planes saying, i know you are but what am i. maybe they will go mad. they beat objects. they go up to a wall and they are beating a wall. go for it. you are going to break an arm. this is the silliest thing in the world. it is a reality show that gets worse and worse. we don't need to be there. let them catch up. 200 years and maybe we will come back and they can have their kfc. >> they invented chess, greg.
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>> did they? >> who invented chess? >> i thought that was parker brother. >> the persians in vented chess. >> who invented kerplunk? you don't know that, do you? america invented kerplunk. america invented candy land. america invented yatzee. >> and america invented fun. >> it d. coming up, what -- it did. what is it like eating human flesh? tom shalou discusses what is between me and my victims. first, do monks like staring in programs ? not according to peta. we you are punished them hanging out with bill. >> what about people who host late night news shows? should they be kept in cages? >> nobody should be kept in cages against their will. >> are you off the -- you are off the hook, gutfeld.
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the show with the monkey puts them in a funky. as we discussed this week, peta is angry at nbc's new comedy, "animal practice" forecasting a capucian named crystal. the animal rights group said the employment somehow equals abuse despite the fact that the monkey makes $12,000 an episode and gets to keep her awesome wardrobe. not fare. on thursday they took their protest to the manhattan headquarterses and we sent red eye's own tick free money cay to to -- monkey to picket with them. he came back with this though. >> unrest in the middle east, fallen economy. not an issue. monkey abuse? an issue. i am at a pete tau rally. peta rally. a lot of them are on a lunch break right now.
12:24 am
not so much 100,000 right now, but we are here to change the world. join me. >> what are we protesting? is the monkey making too much money? >> the monkey's trainer is making money off exploiting the monkey. whetherwhen you see monkeys making that precious that looks like a smile -- >> like this one? or this one? or this one? would you say that it is hard out there for a chimp? >> yes. >> is chimping not easy? >> i would think so. especially if nbc has a hold of it. >> don't fake the funk with this talented monk -- ee. it was a bad day as far as rhyming is concerned. >> i would rather see a doctor's outfit on a -- >> a human performer. boo! see that? no! no! do you like monkey
12:25 am
acting? just nod. no. stow wick. i can't tell if this monkey actor is coming or going. is this real leather? i can tell you right now that it is the cheapest form of polyester. don't worry he is not wearing real leather. i appreciate the fact you are not wearing leather and saving money by not buying good clothing. >> animal practice doesn't make perfect. this one kind of sucks. >> what is your favorite monkey movie? >> monkey business. >> i have to go back to "ed." matt leblonc and a monkey that can pitch. and not just pitch, but a 90 mile an hour fast ball. the monkey has serious fire power. a midget played the monkey. how hard is that? >> pretty hard. so we should exploit little people and not monkeys? >> i guess so. >> what if the capuccian
12:26 am
monkey has an awesome rider? it has bananas in his dressing room and a couple of canvass where he can fling pea cease. >> it is not natural. >> what about monkey groupies. >> two opposable thumbs down. >> is this where you put your snacks? >> no, it is a donate. >> donate food? hugs? i don't have money on me, but i will donate this? come here. i can attest to this. i was raised boy two apes at the bronks zoo. conditions weren't good. first i didn't stop wearing dipe, dipes million i was 12. my ape parents couldn't speak the queen's english. i just learned. and zoo, i am a human being. you should have known that by the time i was 10. i was stuck there. >> then you know it is not a
12:27 am
pleasant situation. >> not fun. and all of the people taunting me and throwing popcorn at me. dance, monkey human, dance. i am a human and i will not dance for you until the proper music is played. ie, madonna. a show called animal practice exists, but people probably won't watch it. don't be a wimp, stand up for a chimp. >> that was pretty good i have to say. nobody was there. >> it was noon. i can only assume the hard core monkey supporters were enjoying lunch, a meat free lunch no lest. some of the signs didn't make the cut for graphics. this is why anybody goes. that girl i interviewed was a former model. and then there is kind of a rhyme, but not really. they didn't like this one much. and i thought this was a good one, but it got nothing but
12:28 am
bad looks as i marched up and down with it. probably because i was naked. >> i thought you wore dipe, di pes. >> i was wearing my dipe, dipes. there is only one comedian on the street. stop, stop right now. >> 99% of the protesters there were youngup -- young, yuppies, except for the guy from the other country. thisy are all young people with time on their hands. >> i am not sure they knew what they were doing there. i felt a lot didn't speak english and the pete tau people people -- peta people said stand here. >> indeed they did. >> that's why america is a melting pot. but not for monkeys. >> don't you melt those monkeys. >> monkeys have feelings. unless you are going to eat them. >> i saw "faces of death." remember that? do you have a comment on the
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show? e male us. -- e-mail us. it is red eye at fox if you are old enough to know that scene, then you know what i am talking about. do you have a video of your animal doing something not boring? fox eye and click on submit a video. we might use it. still to come the half time report from andy levy. he is our dancing monkey. >> tonight's half time report is brought to you by look alike. those people who resemble another often famous person. thanks, look alike.
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let's find out if we got anything wrong so far. for that we go to andy levy. >> hi, greg. >> just ruffling the papers. couldn't do that before we started, but you have to do it now. >> they weren't ready before. >> well, they could have been ready. it is something called preparation. >> you don't know how i do my job, greg. have you ever done my job? i have done your job. have you done my job? >> what if i start the show with putting on my shirt. welcome to "red eye." >> i would like to see that. i would like to see you start the show with taking your shirt off. >> stand in line with the rest of america. the long line. people who would like to see me shirtless. >> dot-org. obama says you can't change washington from the inside. >> actually it is the name of my improve swraitional --
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improvizational troop. we play in a small area of central park. we keep being moved away. >> are you not so much in the park anymore. >> not really. we are off in a shrubbry-encased area. it is not really a band anymore. >> kurt, you said you don't think anyone wants to see the tone of washington change that we don't want them to agree. we want hatred and vitrial. >> plus they got together and loved everything that was said. let's do this awful thing. >> i am with you. i don't want them to agree. then they may get stuff done which would be horrible. >> they could tone down the crap. >> why? >> is it not really still
12:35 am
entertaining? >> you know what he was doing? he was pretending to blame himself, but he was blaming others. that just came to me. >> he was blaming republicans and congress. >> but kurt is correct. it could have been far worse if he had succeeded. >> i don't disagree with that. >> leave kurt alone. he's my friend. >> at least we can see him amongst ourselves. >> i don't care what he tells you, but kurt is not your friend. >> do you think he is using me? >> it is obvious to everyone else. wake up, greg. wake up. >> he said he just needed the money for surgery. >> he had to help out a friend, but he didn't have enough. >> and now he has a brand-new trike. >> and it is no coincidence that kurt rhymes with hurt, and in this case it is
12:36 am
people's hearts. >> tom, you said you are sick of presidents who say they have learned. you think they should have learned and then apply what they learn. that's why you get candidate obama saying i am going to close gitmo. gitmo is a stain on america. as soon as you become president obama and you get your security briefing you are like, whoa, i can't close that. >> how will we elect presidents if they changing when they are in office and they grow? this goes to my theory. i want robots in congress. robots in the oval office. >> vow voting for romney. >> did you ever see the terminator? it doesn't work. >> he did end up being governor of california. >> that is a good point. >> and that didn't work. anna did you think lavar burton's name was lamar? >> was it lavar? >> yes.
12:37 am
>> i just always think the wrong words to songs growing up, so i am not surprised i was wrong about that. >> you know what she was confusing it with? lamar from "revenge of the nerds." >> with the limp wrist. >> when did that movie come out? >> last year. >> mid80s. >> does anybody know the words to lamar's song? >> ♪ everybody come and scream and yell ♪ ♪ we are going to do something and ♪ ♪ ring your bell >> that was the super bowl shuffle. >> somebody should have known that song. >> rip. >> ♪ clap your hands ♪ clap your hands everybody >> oh please. shut up. i am begging you. >> ♪ clap your hands everybody ♪ everybody clap your hands >> he said you can't change washington from the insides. you can only change it from the outside. that's how the big
12:38 am
accomplishments like health care got down. health care got done in congress, right? >> and it was rammed through like a torn dollar bill in a coke machine. >> you know what it was? it was shoved down our throats, greg. that's what it was. >> that reminds me, i am renting the movie tonight. >> the elizabeth warren debate. can we show the video of the dog being sham -- spam pewed again? shampooed again? >> i am sorry. do you think that is adorable? >> yes. >> that dog is the joker. that dog is pure evil. look at that face. that is evil. >> that is -- that dog -- >> only a cat man would say that. >> i am buying that dog. >> if that is the joker, you are cat woman.
12:39 am
>> wow. >> you let that wash over you. >> evil eyes. >> that was heath ledger as a joker jie. ask him a question. >> i am not asking the question. i am scared [bleep] of him. >> stealing my soul. >> he is so adorable. >> we were talking about scott brown or supposed to be. tom, you asked how scott brown could be losing. well, the university of massachusetts lowell/boston telephone poll released shows him up among the likely voters. >> i think he is going to -- in fact, i think he will be in the mid50s. he is going to crush. those polls are all wrong. i know these boston people. >> and then you know what will happen in 2016, he is going to be a nominee, and he will be the hottest candidate for president ever.
12:40 am
that's my prediction, and i'm sticking with it. >> greg, you have no evidence that warren stole jobs. >> i never said that. >> you did. those are your exact words. >> that was eds ditted out of the show -- that was edited out of the show. >> no it wasn't. it is being put back in. >> i put it back in with my voice. >> how did you do that when the show has been over for four hours? >> i went back to the office. >> you went back to the office, and now you are telling me this? >> for some of us, greg, this job is 24-7. >> that's impossible. that means you wouldn't be here knowing that you did that. >> of course i would. >> no, that's a time impossibility. >> i did that in the future. >> oh, the butterfly affect. >> this is a paradox. >> well, i'm almost out of time. i will skip all of that. pakistani day of love turns violent. bill, not only does love not mean murdering your own kind in arabic, the language of most people pakistanis speak
12:41 am
are sin di, and others. >> you learn something new every day. >> aren't those the names of everybody in the black eyed peas? >> yes. all the ones that were kicked out. >> 3% of people in pakistan speak applbyap. >> what about taboo? >> you can't speak taboo. >> do you want my impression of taboo? >> if you haven't read taboo's memwior, frankly you can't read at all. >> your brain is taboo. >> anna you brought up the ads that will start running in the subway, the ones that call jihaddists savages. they are not meant to indicate that all muslims are savages. the u.s. district court judge who ruled that the transit authority has to run them said, quote, red as a respect person plainly depicts the person as savages and the american jewish congress have come out against the ads. >> and a lot of people are worried about that, that the
12:42 am
average person just siting on the subway or waiting for a train to come is going to think that and not pay attention to the message. groups are trying to find a better way to get their message out if that's what they are trying to get across. >> by the way, who takes the subway? some of us live there, greg. >> lastly, bill, i completely agree you know billy igner. that's what you said, right? >> i am better. >> i take back my agreement. i am done, greg. >> that you rmy friend, that you are. coming up, we are all getting ice cream after the show, except for bill. first, should a fat man identify with a batman? the story so important we skipped it last night and buried it at the back of the show.
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does ogling the dark night make you feel all right? go buckeyes. it found that identifying with batman may boost men's self-i'm memg. dudes who said they felt a bond with batman or spider-man reported feeling better about their bodies. after looking at pictures of alleged super heros. and in some cases looking at the photos increased men's strength that was tested by lifting tiny caterpillars. i kid. let's discuss, shall we, in this -- >> lightning rooooouuunnnndddd. lightning round. >> will guys look at batman pictures before a big date? >> they probably should, but you have to look at the right batman. i have a good body image because i grew up with adam west. >> great. >> who never worked out. i aspired to be just like the batman of the late 1960s tv show and i achieved my goal. >> that's when back then a good physique meant pulling your pants above your belly
12:47 am
button and walking around like ban johnson. >> remember the size of his utility belt? it went up to his nip-nap. it was hiding stuff. back then rock hudson, when they would take off their shirt, they had a thin belt and would wake around -- would walk around like this and there was no such thing as abs. and then things would happen that you don't want to know about, anna. talking about female body image, are you glad men have -- >> it is ridiculous. it is funny. men think they look better than they really do, and women always think we look worse than we do. there are women rights groups that are working to try to get comic book images of women to stop being so perfect looking. it is funny. that's why the dove campaign is out there to make women feel better. we look at magazines and we think we need to lose weight. >> thank god for that. that's how we keep you under control. we use women's magazines to control women by hiring women to come up with those ideas
12:48 am
for women shooting women with women stylists. it is all a plan by men. bill you look at pictures of muscular men, but it is not batman. >> they are super though. >> we as an organization are protesting comic books because that's where the women are going. they are reading the comic books. i look like wonder woman. the guys wish they were reading those. >> they have lots of -- they are skinny, but not too skinny. are we just grown up boys? >> i think it is one of those surveys based on a sample of a hundred men, pathetic men. they spend their spare time ogling super hero. >> the last time i was in greece i sampled a hundred men. i was polling them for a book i was doing. >> they were pulling them? >> never mind. >> is this a photo book?
12:49 am
>> you have less than four minutes to make a sandwich. make one for me starting now.
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according to the new york times, many aging motorcyclists are giving up their two-wheeled hogs in favor of three wheelers.
12:53 am
notice the t ri kes. they can go for 30 grand and they kept a generation of biking baby boomers on the road. said one lif rider, people riding all their lives, they don't just want to stop because of a bad knee or bad eyes or diabetes. they want to keep rocking. i know i want to keep rocking. >> not that kind of bike, but i would. >> what do you ride? >> a road bike. >> you do? >> a giant. >> what is that? >> it is the brand. >> oh you bought it -- it is a bicycle? >> yes, with the skinny tires. >> i was talking about something with an engine. never mind. somebody get her off the set. tom, is this the wave of the future, aging men still clinging to something by adding a wheel? >> that's fine. yes, of course, these trikes are very comfortable. it is like riding in an easy chair. you know what else is like riding in an easy chair? a motorcycle. it is like there is nothing --
12:54 am
who ever said motorcycles were tough? it is ridiculous. it is a big, fat thing with wheels. you want to be tough, you ride a bike or a uni-bickles. >> the unibikle is attached and two people on them and you have to stay six inches apart the whole race going really fast. >> that's the greatest idea i have ever heard. make this happen. if you don't i will steel the idea and kill you. or i might kill you anyway. you can't look cool on a trike. jay it is sad. the next step is obviously segues for everybody. >> do any of them ride trikes? >> we like the positive images. >> i don't have a motorcycle and i never understood it.
12:55 am
if you are too old, get off the road. and i do have a bike. it has a basket on the front. i would love to perch you right up there. and remember, you can't spell schwinn without win. >> i like motorcyclists. they are happy creatures that deliver stoverred animals to the hospitals -- stuffed animals to the hospitals. i think this is a good development. it is like a giant -- it is like a big wheel for adults. ii support that 100%. we will close things out with a post game wrap up with tv's andy levy. to see recent shows go to fox eye.
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you can watch us on saturday at 2:00 a.m. eastern. a new "red eye" returns on monday.
12:59 am
andy levy and post game wrap up. >> tom, you broke a world record or something? >> yes octobers record breaker. it is the number of apple bobs. >> it is grossing me out. i could have broken one right here. that was a scene from alien. >> good lord. >> i am going to let all of the jokes pass and -- anna, the rumor is you are running a marathon? >> yes, the new york city one the first week in november, and i am running it for folds of honor which is a great military charity. and i am running it with a fighter pilot. so i am a little nervous. wish me luck. we have details on "fox and friends" with how you can donate. >> kurt, what is the most interesting movie coming out next week? gite best movie next week -- the best movie is s


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